Renting sports courts shouldn't be hard.

But it is. There’s no online list of rentable courts, and even the handful of gyms you can find on Google don’t make it easy to rent. Most don’t show pricing and almost none show their availability online - you have to either call or fill out an email form and wait 3-5 days (or more) to hear back. And if that gym isn’t the right fit for whatever reason, you have to start all over or stop trying 🕯

Courtside is an online marketplace of rentable sports facilities. We're connecting facilities with people who want to rent their space by the hour. Whether you're looking for a local gym to rent weekly or want to get private gym time in on the road, we have you covered.


Jack Molloy

A sales person by day and a freelance designer/developer by night, Jack is obsessed with innovation and gets genuinely excited by products that add value to the world.

Tadas Antanavicius

A software engineer and SEO marketer, Tadas has engineered web products for users across industries and worked with dozens of early stage startups to generate demand for their products through search engines.

Our Story

Every few months, my friends and I pick a city and plan a basketball retreat where we rent out a court and play for a long weekend. When it was my turn to plan a retreat in Brooklyn, I quickly realized how hard it was to find a basketball court to rent.

I scrolled through page after page of Google results looking for gyms available to rent, filled out countless "contact us" forms (most of which never contacted me back) and even cold called a handful just to find out they were either out of my price range or didn't have availability for the dates I needed. I was shocked (and frustrated) that there wasn't a single place to find these gyms, see their availability real-time and book a reservation instantly. So I decided to build one myself.

I'm always looking for talented people to work with. If you're interesting in changing the future of sports facilities, get in touch.